As parents, we all know how important it is for our children to express themselves through art. It's great to watch them create their own masterpieces - but how to frame children's artwork afterwards is a problem that parents often have to face!

My Little DaVinci Summer Club

*Remember, displaying their work is a key stage of their creative process. Seeing their artwork beautifully framed and hung on a wall is a great way to inspire them to do more!

How to frame children's artwork...

Vibrant colours, innocent strokes, and limitless imagination! If you have been searching for ways to display kids art, capturing their masterpieces has never been easier.  Whether it's a finger-painted creation, a crayon doodle, or a crafty collage - our innovative front opening frames, will let your child's creativity shine. Say goodbye to the hassle of disassembling frames or damaging artwork during the framing process...oh, and if your child is more of a portrait than a landscape artist, we have them covered! With our hanging mechanism (provided), our frames can be easily switched between landscape and portrait without losing strength or stability. Once properly secured, you or your child can effortlessly swap and display new artwork as often as their creative spirit demands.

My Little DaVinci frame

Trust us, we understand - and we truly know how to display kids art in a quick and easy way! A My Little DaVinci frame will save time whilst keeping your display fresh and dynamic, preserving a delightful timeline of your child's artistic growth!

Frames for children's pictures...

At My Little DaVinci, we believe that every child's artwork is a unique representation of their individuality and creativity. We have created an opportunity for your child to create even more art with our Summer Club...

Empowering Creativity: Summer Club and Weekly Craft Competitions

This summer, we are thrilled to announce our first ever My Little DaVinci Summer Club - a vibrant community of young artists and creative minds that we are bringing together to create magic during the Summer Holidays! Our Summer Club offers an exciting platform for children to explore their creativity through weekly craft competitions. Each week, we are posting themed craft challenges on our social media - and bi-weekly in our newsletter - encouraging participants to unleash their imagination and craft their own unique creations. From nature-inspired art to fantastical creatures, there's a new theme every week to keep the creativity flowing!

The best part? All submissions will have the chance to be showcased on our platforms and be entered into a draw to win a My Little DaVinci frame bundle too! Participating in our Summer Club is easy and fun! Simply make sure you are following us on Instagram and Facebook to find out what the week's craft project is, then give the art or craft project a go yourself!

Don't forget to post a picture of your work in a My Little DaVinci frame.

Looking for ways to display kids art but don't have a frame? You can buy a My Little DaVinci frame today.

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Together, let's celebrate the beauty of childhood imagination, one frame at a time!