Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to celebrate the incredible fathers (and father figures) in our lives. At My Little Davinci, we believe in capturing the funniest, quirkiest, and most memorable moments with our frames. So, grab a notepad and get ready to laugh as we honour the dads who bring joy (and hopefully SO MUCH humour) to our lives, with some ideas on what to frame!...

Frame 'em with laughter: There's no denying that most dads are the masters of corny jokes and puns that make us groan and giggle simultaneously. Our frames provide the perfect home for some less than perfect puns!:

  • 'Dad, you're 'picture-perfect' in every frame of our lives!'
  • 'Forgetting Father's Day would be a real faux PA! so here's a frame for you...'

Remember, the cheesier the pun, the better!

Caught on camera (then framed!): Ever caught dad on camera mid snooze? Or snapped him doing some of those 'epic' dance moves at a family gathering? -some moments are just too hilarious to be forgotten. Add one of those to a frame to give him a giggle on Father's Day.

My Little Davinci Father's Day frames

He drives a Volvo, but he is very much a porsche kind of guy: Whether he finally bought the car of his dreams, or it's still on his bucket list - it really doesn't matter. Framing a picture of his dream car will keep it firmly in his field of vision. Trust us, he'll love it.

Picture of car in My Little Davinci Frame

Make him a sporting hero!: He may spend more time watching the footy than playing it - but he's still a hero in your eyes, right? Grab that sports top from his cupboard and place it in a frame. He'll see it every time he sits down with a cuppa in front of the football (after all, he wasn't going to wear it anytime soon!)

Make his first Father's Day a REAL occasion: He is a first time dad, so this is a REALLY special Father's Day. Grab a cute baby grow and frame it as a gift - for your pal, partner, family member or colleague - if that doesn't bring a tear to the eye, nothing will!

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